Harriet Diamond

English the Easy Way

The authors demonstrate the importance of translating coherent thinking into coherent grammar. English the Easy Way offers a simple, direct approach to English grammar that is suitable for high school and college students and adults seeking to hone their grammar and usage skills. The book may be used as a self-help book or within a classroom setting.

Replete with exercises to strengthen each skill taught and an explanatory answer key, this book is the easy way to grammar and usage improvement. Cumulative review exercises are included throughout. In addition to the basics of grammar and usage, English the Easy Way covers vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, and captalization. It concludes with a comprehensive writing skills section.


Writing and Grammar Self-Help
Perfect phrases to help you write clear internal and external announcements.
Re-Release and Update of Executive Writing, A Style Manual for the Business World
Ideal for high school classrooms, GED preparation, or intermediate to high level ESL study.
A practical course in basic writing skills that guides you one step at a time.
Emphasis on language's natural structure rather than dry rules.
Exercises and insights to help leaders build, train, and inspire teams of any size.
Hundreds of ready-to-use phrases to encourage and recognize excellence.

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