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Grammar in Plain English

Here is an excellent English grammar brush-up manual and subject review for adults preparing for the GED, for students of English as a second language preparing for the TOEFL or TOEIC exams, and for all others who need to improve their skills in basic English usage. Topics presented and explained include: The sentence, the simplest complete thought

• Adding descriptive words and using them correctly

• Rules of agreement between nouns and verbs

• Time and sequence of tenses

• Balanced sentences to reflect coordinated thoughts

• Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and much more

Twenty-two lessons cover the various aspects of English grammar with practice exercises accompanying each lesson and answers to all questions. This new edition has been updated to reflect the most recent GED writing skills tests.


from Midwest Book Review January 6, 2007

A recommended pick; not just for students, but for any wishing a refresher course in an easy workbook.

Anyone planning on taking the GED, or adults wishing to brush up on their English skills, will find the fourth edition of GRAMMAR IN PLAIN ENGLISH provides over twenty important lessons to reinforce grammar. Practice exercises with answer keys use some of the latest GED writing skills test formats and provide plenty of examples, practice questions, and explanations for review. A recommended pick; not just for students, but for any wishing a refresher course in an easy workbook.

from Amazon.com

I picked up this book when I realized that my grammar was not up to par as a result of attending a sorry little public school with an inadequate number of hours and instructors in the subject.

Although this book is written for the GED crowd, I found it to be an excellent tutorial on the fundamentals of grammar. It's style is very easy to read and fun with a good blend of content with practical exercises.