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Teambuilding That Gets Results

Team Building that Gets Results covers the most current issues facing teams: cross-cultural, change management, and the challenges of virtual teams or team members. Other questions explored include: Is it time to hire? How do you find a good “fit”? And what about your extended team? Teams go beyond employees: Who is or could be on your team? The book discusses the many team relationships surrounding your business, how they intersect, and how to reach out on multiple levels to expand your team.

Book Features:
• Team building activities
• Leadership activities
• Examples from successful entrepreneurs
• Practical guidelines for building, motivating,
& maintaining outstanding teams

Team activities range from those designed expressly for team building—forging relationships, building trust, working together from new angles, bonding—to those designed with specific business-building outcomes.

Although created with business owners owners in mind as part of Sourcebooks’ "Quick Start Your Business" series, Team Building that Gets Results offers solid advice for anyone building or enhancing a team in any work environment. The bottom line: This book uses information, techniques, stories, and practical exercises all designed to help you get results.


"Teambuilding That Gets Results is very highly recommended reading." By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA), June 9, 2007

"Teambuilding That Gets Results: Essential Plans And Activities For Creating Effective Teams" is the collaborative work of Harriet Eve Diamond (founder of the training and business consulting company Diamond Associates) and training program designer and conductor Linda Eve Diamond. Designed to be a specifically 'user friendly' instruction manual for business managers in how to effectively development and operate a business team, "Teambuilding That Gets Results" offers step-by-step guidance on running quick, profitable business meetings of all kinds; initiate positive changes in a business operation; acquire clear, concise communication skills with others; monitor the team and evaluate their results; provide positive constructive feedback to employees; embrace and utilize 'cultural consciousness'; expand the business team and hire the best person for a given job; even how to network and apply other external resources to the company. Of special note are the 'Quick Tip' sections throughout the accessibly written text.

"Teambuilding That Gets Results" is very highly recommended reading for anyone charged with the responsibility of establishing or managing a corporate team effort or assignment, as well as an important addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library reference Business Reference collections.