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Writing the Easy Way

This practical self-teaching manual can also be used in high school or college (101 level) writing courses. Additionally, the book's open and friendly style and consistent references to the real world make it particularly suitable for corporate training programs. Guidelines and rules cover a wealth of writing options including term papers, essays, business and personal letters, office memos and reports, and more.

Beyond the clear tips for writing and editing, Writing the Easy Way covers in detail general rules of English grammar, puctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure, and correct word usage. The book offers writing samples demonstrating the do's and don'ts of correct and easy to read written English.

Five star review of this hassle free approach to writing: "I used the second edition of Writing the Easy Way and found it to be very resourceful. I found the third edition to be even more helpful. It is very easy to follow and is very strong in all aspects of preparing to write letters, memos, and reports. It also offers an incredible amount of information on the benefits of brainstorming, which I particularly liked."