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Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees

Motivate yourself to pick up a copy of Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees, the latest book in McGraw Hill’s Perfect Phrases series. This book offers not only hundreds of ready-to-use (or easily adaptable) phrases, but also the motivational mindsets behind them. We all know that it’s not enough to say the “perfect phrases” without the mindset and actions to back them up. Here, you find it all in one easy-to-use guide and reference.

Read up on ways to energize your workplace, inspire creativity, endorse initiative, and create a positive atmosphere without old-style fear-based motivation. Motivated employees take fewer sick days and more responsibility; they feel better about what they are doing and better about their employers, and they have a positive effect on other employees, clients and customers, even your business’s bottom line.

The book allows the reader to begin by considering the why’s and wisdom of motivation and assessing his or her own style, with an eye toward considering the attributes and attitudes that make a great motivator. The phrases include scenarios from the every-day to praise and special rewards, to ways to handle difficult situations. Difficult situations include giving developmental feedback, bridging the gaps between cultures and generations, raising morale through transitions, tough economic conditions, bad company publicity, and more. Sections are broken down and easily referenced to help you find perfect phrases for your situation.

Of course, rewarding employees goes beyond praise. What about rewards, perks, and benefits? What’s appropriate and when? What’s expected? What options are out there and how does an employer give anything other than cookie-cutter perks to a large number of employees? Perfect Phrases gives you options to think about from personalized perks to health and wellness plan options, flextime advantages, and more.


• Learn to open productive dialogues around difficult issues.

• See how a few subtle shifts in language and outlook can create a motivated workforce.

• Discover the secrets to motivating the unmotivated.

• Learn what works… and what doesn’t.

• Learn what words and phrases demotivate.

• Explore what you can offer that’s more valuable than money.

• Have ready-to-use or easily adaptable phrases at your fingertips.

• Understand the framework for a broad range of motivational opportunities.

• Discover how to create a truly motivated and motivational environment.

• Create an upbeat, highly productive work environment.