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Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements

Whether you are announcing good news or difficult decisions to employees, clients, customers, or other stakeholders, Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements will help you with language and tone. McGraw-Hill.

The Complete Book of Perfect Phrases for Effective Managers

This first, hardcover compilation of three Perfect Phrases books includes Diamond and Diamond's Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees. A perfect addition to any business library.

Executive Writing: American Style

Business professionals who have come to the US from other countries must tailor their correspondence to American business writing style to achieve desired results. Executive Writing: American Style,, just released by Apocryphile Press, serves as a business writing style and grammar guide for foreign-born professionals. This book addresses difficult or confusing grammar and usage issues, idiomatic expression, and American business style. Apocryphile Press.

Teambuilding That Gets Results

Team Building That Gets Results covers the most current issues facing teams: cross-cultural concerns, change management, and the challenges of virtual teams or team members. Other questions explored include: Is it time to hire? How do you find a good “fit”? And what about your extended team? Teams go beyond employees: Who is or could be on your team? The book discusses the many team relationships surrounding your business, how they intersect, and how to reach out on multiple levels to expand your team. Sourcebooks.

Revised and Updated June 2010: Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees

Motivate yourself to pick up a copy of Perfect Phrases for Motivating and Rewarding Employees, part of McGraw Hill’s Perfect Phrases series. This book offers not only hundreds of ready-to-use (or easily adaptable) phrases, but also the motivational mindsets behind them. We all know that it’s not enough to say the “perfect phrases” without the mindset and actions to back them up.
Here, you find it all in one easy-to-use guide and reference.

Grammar in Plain English

Now in its seventh edition, Grammar in Plain English continues to reach a broad audience. By presenting the basics simply and without emphasizing difficult grammatical terms, the focus is on structure and usage. A valuable tool for those preparing to take the GED Writing Skills Test, those studying high school English, and those learning to speak and write English.

Writing the Easy Way

Writing the Easy Way is for students, business people, and everyone who wants to write effectively. All the writing essentials in one, clear volume: think before you write; determine your purpose; plan; write your first draft; edit and rewrite; master grammar and usage basics; develop vocabulary, and more. Replete with practice material and writing samples.re. Replete with practice material and writing samples.

E-Z English

English the Easy Way has been updated and added to the E-Z Way series.

E-Z English is a comprehensive self-help text for students, business people, or anyone trying to improve grammar and writing skills. Replete with practice exercises and review chapters and tests, this resource is now in its fourth edition. In addition to grammar and usage, E-Z English guides you through punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. The book concludes with a section on writing business
and personal correspondence clearly and concisely.